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5 Great Side Hustles You’ve Never Heard Of!

I have long believed that you should have 3 hobbies.

A hobby that makes money, a hobby that keeps you healthy, and a hobby that allows you to be creative.

What could be more satisfying than making money and having some fun whilst doing it?!

Check out these 5 great side hustles and uncover some fun new ways to make money in your free time.

1. Teaching English Has Never Been Easier!

It used to be that native English speakers were able to earn good money by teaching English abroad. One of my closest friends funded a trip around the world doing exactly that. She made so much money as she travelled that – when she returned home – her bank balance was pretty much the same as when she left! That was back in 2012, and things have changed! COVID19 happened, and now you can get paid to teach English from the comfort of your own home via webcam! If you have even a basic level TEFL qualification, you can easily charge between $14-22/hr or more on sites like VIPKid or Preply by teaching English to Foreign students using your webcam.

No teaching experience necessary, although an accredited TEFL qualification is normally required. For the right person, teaching kids can be one of the most rewarding side hustles out there. 

Earn From Your iPhone Addiction!

Are you one of those people that is obsessed with taking out your iPhone and snapping photos of just about anything you see? If yes, perfect! You could be making extra money by selling your pictures on popular stock image platforms like EyeEm and Shutterstock. Aim to take pictures that businesses may want to include as stock photos on their websites and social media pages, and you could make some good money with just a few images. Easy!

Rent Your Companionship

There are times when lonely people are perfectly willing to pay someone just to be their friend. No, I am not talking about prostitution here – get your head out of the gutter! The client could be someone who has recently moved to your city, or they are starting a new hobby and need a buddy, or they just simply love meeting people! On sites like RentAFriend, you can choose your own rate (usually £20-£40/hr) and start getting paid to simply hang out with strangers. This is not necessarily suitable for everyone, but if you’re an extrovert who loves meeting people, you may as well get paid for it!

Become an Inventor!

You do not need to don a white coat and invent a time machine like Doc Brown to be an inventor! If you find that your mind is constantly coming up with new ideas for fancy gadgets and new products, you can help deliver them to the world through Quirky! Quirky is a crowdfunding inventions website where any person can submit their ingenious ideas for new products. Successful ideas are then developed by the crowd, and eventually sold. The person with the original idea, along with anyone who contributed along the way, will receive a royalty pay-out for every unit sold. Some people have earned literally thousands of pounds just for using their imagination and sharing their ideas!

Google your Symptoms!

If you have any kind of specialised medical knowledge, or even you’re just a fan of TV medical dramas, then you may want to check out CrowdMed. Many doctors simply do not always have the time to scour the sacred medical texts for solutions to the rarer, more obscure medical problems. CrowdMed crowdsources medical cases that other patients can then review and offer up a possible diagnosis or even a solution!  People who contribute to a successful solution earn a nice little commission! So, if you enjoy researching and solving problems, you could make some real money by helping to cure other people’s ailments. No medical degree is required.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are SO many ways to make money on the side!

Granted, hustles like these on their own probably will not make you a millionaire anytime soon, but the extra money goes a long way if invested wisely!

Do you have a favourite side hustle?

Tell us about it in the comments!

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